About Us

Polystyvert is an innovative SME environmental company with a mission to recycle polystyrene (PS), also known as Styrofoam. In our laboratories, we have developed a new technology that recycles polystyrene and massively reduces its transportation costs.

Our process is very ecological, as it diminishes GHG emission by 10 times. We install a concentrator at the company’s site where PS residue is generated. PS will dissolve on contact with the essential oil found in the concentrator, like sugar in water, to produce a mixture. When the concentrator is full, we come on site to pump out the mixture and replace it with clean essential oil.  The mixture that is transported back to our plant is equivalent to 8 tonnes of PS, compared to 700kg of expanded PS that would be transported in the same size truck. This is how Polystyvert drastically reduces the transportation costs associated with PS.

Polystyvert has also developed other innovations, such as the separation of the essential oil from PS. We are able to produce recycled PS pellets that are of high purity, with mechanical properties that are similar to brand new PS. A large proportion of the recycled PS pellets can be used for many applications. In this way, the product life cycle of PS is greatly improved.

This technology of recycling PS by dissolution has a positive impact on water, air and soil. Polystyvert’s team is pleased to offer its industrial partners an answer that meets the needs of economic development and that contributes to the protection of the environment. Our technology can be adapted to the whole polystyrene industry.