Polystyvert has developed an innovative method for recycling PS by a process of dissolution. Several solvents have the ability to dissolve polystyrene. However Polystyvert has developed a simple and effective method for separating the solvent and polystyrene, which produces a recycled PS of high purity. The properties of recycled PS are the same as those of new PS.

Our success is based on two key elements: innovation and quality. Indeed, the recycling technology developed by Polystyvert is particularly innovative. Based on a simple idea, it is remarkably effective. Quality is a priority for us. Quality tests are carried out when the material is received, during the process and after manufacture, to ensure that the product meets our highest standards.

Flow chart

A concentrator is installed on site at the company where PS residue is generated. The concentrator is very simple to use and safe for the operator. The concentrator comes equipped with solvent. PS dissolves immediately on contact with the solvent at room temperature, without any emissions. The concentrator can handle 300kg of dissolved PS. Once full, an indicator lights up to alert the operator. Polystyvert pick-ups the PS mixture and replaces the concentrator with fresh solvent. Dissolved PS requires 10 times less transportation as the same quantity of expanded.