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Montagne de polystyrène

Decrease polystyrene in landfills

Every year in Quebec, more than 40,000 tonnes of polystyrene waste is buried in landfills. Whether post-consumer or post-industrial, the vast majority of polystyrene waste is buried. This is made up of packaging from electronic products and furniture, food trays, commercial products or insulation products. At the same time, more than 60,000 tonnesof brand new […]

Usine polluante

Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels

At Polystyvert, we are aware of our society’s dependence on fossil fuels such as oil. At the same time, we are sensitive to the fact that economic development requires plastics, including polystyrene. These two observations may not be in contradiction. Polystyvert offers an innovative technology to meet the needs of the plastics industry with recycled […]

Canots sur la Jacques-Cartier

Preserve the environment

Recycling polystyrene slows the consumption of fossil fuels and at the same time has a positive impact on air, water and soil. Manufacturing new polystyrene is carried out with the polymerization of styrene in suspension in water. This impacts three primary elements: the water used in olymerization is rendered unfit for consumption the chemical reaction […]